Eine jungeblodt Unternehmung

Permanent change in our markets continues to be the main challenge for us.

The crucial groundwork has been laid to dependably align the company on the diverse requirements of our clients, while also preparing for future challenges through healthy growth.

Heinrich Jungeblodt has a unique competence in manufacturing fastener components. Jungeblodt supports its customers where high requirements regarding quality, technical feasibility and documentation have to be fulfilled.

METCON is specialised in the manufacturing of turned and milled parts.

METLOG delivers products which were ordered, manufactured and delivered upon customized specification and demands – with a high level of service quality.

All the companies are strongly influenced by our founding principle:
The name JUNGEBLODT stands for security-related, quality products
that are planned, manufactured and delivered to highly specific requirements.



The name JUNGEBLODT stands for safety related qualitity products that are planned, produced and delivered to customer requirements.

Principles of each of these companies:


Best regards,

Henrik Jungeblodt and Klemens Jungeblodt

Jungeblodt METLOG METCON Jungeblodt KPM (China)