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Permanent change in our markets continues to be the main challenge for us.

The crucial groundwork has been laid to dependably align the company on the diverse requirements of our clients, while also preparing for future challenges through healthy growth.

Over the past few years, Heinrich Jungeblodt GmbH & Co KG has continued to evolve in the field of specialty parts, supporting its customers wherever the highest demands on quality, documentation, and precision are made.

With the firm METCON GmbH & Co KG, we have set up a specialist that serves other requirements of the market as a contract turning shop – also and predominantly to supplement the products of Jungeblodt and their requirements.

Originally a retailing and logistics company, METLOG GmbH & Co KG today covers not only the area of custom-procured, stored and delivered products – it is also a specialized and high-quality manufacturer, implementing the highest standards of service and customer satisfaction.

All the companies are strongly influenced by our founding principle:
The name JUNGEBLODT stands for security-related, quality products
that are planned, manufactured and delivered to highly specific requirements.


This principle forms the foundation of the three mutually independent companies
and thus a Jungeblodt enterprise:

• An owner-managed family business with its own culture and value system
• The highest level of technical expertise for your product and service range
• Working with and for the customer
• Rapid decisions through short communication channels, flat hierarchies, and flexibility in word and deed
• Consciousness of the performance of our employees and our responsibility towards them


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